PVC Business Cards

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  • PVC Business Cards Printing Services

    • 400 Micron
    • Frosted clear plastic card
    • Round Corners
    • Unique and Elegant
    • 4 Color CMYK UV Printing
    1. Q) Is this Card completely transparent?
      A) By default it’s frosted transparent, there is an option of Clear transparent card as well.
    2. Q) How thick is the card?
      A) It’s 400 micron.
    3. Q) Are the corners rounded?
      A) Yes, to make sure that the sharp corners don’t hurt anyone.
    4. Q) Can I have bothside printing?
      A) Not available, as both side printing usually gets mixed up with front and back artwork unless planned very carefully, if you have such requirements and if your artwork is ready, you should submit the request to our email and our estimation team will come back to you.
    5. Q) Is Foiling (Gold / Silver) or Embossing Possible on this card?
      A) These options are not available.