PVC Business Cards Printing Services
PVC Business Cards Printing Services

PVC Business Cards Printing Services

  • 400 Micron
  • Frosted clear plastic card
  • Round Corners
  • Unique and Elegant
  • 4 Color CMYK UV Printing
  1. Q) Is this Card completely transparent?
    A) By default it’s frosted transparent, there is an option of Clear transparent card as well.
  2. Q) How thick is the card?
    A) It’s 400 micron.
  3. Q) Are the corners rounded?
    A) Yes, to make sure that the sharp corners don’t hurt anyone.
  4. Q) Can I have bothside printing?
    A) Not available, as both side printing usually gets mixed up with front and back artwork unless planned very carefully, if you have such requirements and if your artwork is ready, you should submit the request to our email and our estimation team will come back to you.
  5. Q) Is Foiling (Gold / Silver) or Embossing Possible on this card?
    A) These options are not available.



  • 350 GSM Material Digital
  • Card Size – 90 x 54 mm
  • CMYK 4×4 Color
  • Kindly do not place variable data in one order
    (Same print on all the selected quantity will be accepted)
    : You can submit 1 name = 100 cards, but you can not submit 2 names (50 each) = 100 Cards.
  • Dispatch : 1 Business Day from the day of approval of design
  • Delivery time excludes the courier transport time


  • Particular Color Matching is not possible in this product.
  • Avoid using borders in the artwork of these cards as can not be cut equally from all around.
  • Light colors (like Grey) or any Gradients of colors will show screen pattern dots and might not print very smooth. To achieve such effect kindly choose Pantone Print Through Offset Technology.
  • Variation of Color among the cards might occur (All the cards might not look the same).
  • Finger ‘s / nail’s marks might be visible on dark colored background due to matt lamination.
  • Be careful when you choose “Textured” Material as solid colors and thin or small letters might not produce very nice looking results.
  • The ink will not be printed inside the texture groove.
  • These cards are Generic / Urgent Cards (acceptable by 80% customers) but not recommended very High End usage.
  • This product comes under No refund / No return policy.


  • If the delivery address is inaccurate or the address given is not know to courier company then there could be a delay in delivery. We can take the gaurantee of dispatch in 24 hours after the approval on design.
  • These cards are for generic usage only, are not intended for meeting very high end expectations.


  • If you have selected Lamination on the business cards, please be noted that it will take another day for this option


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